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Let me introduce our company!

The MAG-KER-2004 Ltd. is one of the biggest close-grower corn trading company in Hajdú-Bihar shire Hungary, which has the full palletts of services for the growers and the customers. If required we have the capability of harvesting, drying, transporting via our partners.

The main profile of the MAG-KER-2004 Ltd. is grain forestalling. It means we forestall wheat, rye, barley, maize. If required, we can supply other grains, thanks to our good relations to the local growers. For example: heliotrope (sunflower), soya, rape.

Our company is owned by 100% of hungarian citizens, it has stable economical background which provide quality to our partners.

Feel free to contact us, our goal is to establish long-term partnership, but of course we try to give our best in ad-hoc demands.

This gives to us the possibility of short term shipping to national or international destinations.


Email: info(at)magker(dot)hu